5ma Good Gm range 1800-2200 Recommended for - Vox AC10, AC30- Dr. Радиолампа EF86 пентод аудио RFT. It was pretty informative. Beginning in the 1950's Mullard was producing hifi amplifiers that used the EF86 as a high-gain input tube and Vox was doing the same in their guitar amplifiers. EF14 Tube for Early Peluso 22 47 LE and Neumann U47 Telefunken MSRP $500. gold pins. pdf (2648423 bytes) (cs) EF860 RFT p Tubes, transistors and components e-mail: ivo_cvetkov@abv. 01 2 2 1970. stickers on each tube box or tube packet. 未使用 · ウォッチ · ベルデン 6301FE - Security  TUBO Valvola Sovtek EF86 NUOVO VECCHIO STOCK 1pc OCT19B. My recent visit to the Mullard Blackburn factory got me interested in identifying the origin of the few Mullard tubes I own. Date codes circa 1973 and 1975. Only interested in the best tube for my amp. The Rib plate is also a very good quality tube. 7586 Tube, Tube 7586 Bottom. 95 US I would appreciate some opinions on all these tubes for the This item is sold As-Described This item is sold As-Described and cannot be returned unless it arrives in a condition different from how it was described or photographed. EF86 RFT audio tube. pdf (93121 bytes) EF86 Tesla p EF86. When you can buy them in quantities, nobody wants them, and when they're gone, everybody must have them. 65 Amps founders Dan Boul and Peter Stroud clearly like a challenge, and the EF86 pentode preamp tube — which can offer fat, wide, and dynamic tones when it works well — that so many makers have found trouble with again graces the first gain stage of this circuit. This thread is really old I know but I'm soon to purchase a Ceriatone DC30 clone and want to know what EF86's too look out for (as in which good ones are out there) the RFT EF86's seem to get more praise then others at least by shops but then again they are trying to sell them. Лампите са нови в оригинални опаковки. We carry brands like Western Electric, Mullard, Telefunken, Sovtek, JJ, Electro-Harmonix, Genalex and Tung-Sol. 5ma). Quality excellent tube for this price. Since TubeDepot is in Memphis, TN, the home and main hub for FedEx and USPS, we get very good rates, so rest assured your heavy item will be shipped at the most affordable rates. Various brands available. Z, Matchless, Vox, and similar amps. The '86 has more gain than one half of a 12AX7, but the 'AX7 can get more gain with the 2 halves in series, which is usually (but not always) how they are wired. EF86 е аналог на 6CF8 6J32P 6267 6BK8 Z729 6F22 CV2901. Ed. EF86/6267, HAL, 3,500, ー. ef860 rft tube in the box. Vintage RFT EF86 / EF 86 / 6V4, Verstärker-Röhre / Audio HiFi Tube  ECC82 RFT. Tax: £12. It uses 2x 6l6GC 4x EF86 2x 6SN7 1x 5U4I've had it for decades and would pull it out once in a while in my band practice room just to test it. Lastly, don't overlook the EF80. However, we are still currently accepting and shipping online orders, email, and phone inquiries. NJ7P Bill Beech's online tube data from mostly RCA manuals. EUR 17,22. 5 photos. This is a list of vacuum tubes or thermionic valves, and low-pressure gas-filled tubes, or discharge tubes. Tubes of one batch. EF37〔赤), ムラード, 3,000, -. Products per page. 6267/EF86 Mullard aftermarket screened for Hammond Organ, 1960s vintage Great Britain Mullard made. They have nearly no noise and zero microphonics. 5-3. Top seller I'm way late here but wanted to share some recent observation I had regarding the EF86 response in my amps. The smooth plate is one hell of a tube. 95 US, Jan Philips $49. RTC EF86's…$55. Description Продавам нови аудиолампи измерени слампомер- 4 част 0888337444-Иво Цокли -8 пин,октал за шаси- -3. Tesla NOS tubes have been a forgotten treasure for a long time. Gift Card 2020 In fact in this case it is a rare Mullard commissioned the factory Valvo Hamburg PRICE FOR SINGLE TUBE, TWO AVAILABLE Registered users can share their experience with this product. Close manufacturing specification tolerances and improved processing provide improved reliability and superior sonic performance. The 12AT7 is a high mu multi-purpose double triode in a 9 pin miniature package. The RFT EF86 is a good choice for Eico hifi amps and Matchless and Dr. Eqivalent to the EF86 / 6267 The tubes are never used 1980syears. I think I'm going to use those silicone tube rings on them if I build my 18Watt Lite II with the EF86 front end. The rest, amazingly enough, weren't worth the waste of time in my rig - but the risk of course is that one of those might ideally match your rig, 'cause with tubes you never know what's going to lock-in in any given system. I'm also looking at NOS tubes for the PI in my Stangray. pdf (640469 bytes) (fr) EF86 Philips p EF86. Z Z-28- Vox AC15HTVH head (install all Mullard tubes)- Eastern Electric M520- Matchless C-30, SC30- Bottlehead The ECC83 Gallery 12AX7 E83CC ECC803S 7025: 5751 CV4004 CV492 B339 : The ECC83 is still the most important preamp and driver tube. German with diamond mark between pins NOS in original/white box. All prices are per tube. Labeled as Tesla with the infamous Czech Armed Forces crossswords stamped on them. The RFT EF86 is a durable tube with very low microphonics. It's a fantastic tube for Dr. 5 US and Jan-GE $59. I will be happy to combine in order save shipping. Follow delax777mechanics on eBay. 9/3. Customers who bought this product also purchased:  Ef86 rft germany produced in 1966. Everyone please stay safe and we are filling orders daily. German EF86 tubes qualified and relabeled as Industrial Grade with Red Serial Number by Tungsram. - $17. The NOS RFT 12AU7 / ECC82 / CV491 / CV4003 is a low noise and low microphonic preamp tube. Equivalent to the 6267 / 6J32P. SUBMITTING YOUR RESPONSE - ELECTRONIC LODGMENT Registered users can share their experience with this product. 95 US. The 12AX7 is a dual triode valve (tube), the EF86 is a pentode. ECH35, ARTH2, 2,200, -. FWIW, the EF86 can be a bit of a PITA, they can be microphonic and are not cheap. Rychlost 19,05 cm/s, cívky do průměru 18 cm. Equivalent to EF86 / 6267 tube. SUPER STRONG PHILIPS EF86 - 6267 tubes NOS - NIB Codes on glass are : 8Y3 D0J2 and 8Y3 D1I1 GM VALUES are : 138% and 133% ***** TESTED ON AMPLITREX WITH ACCURATE VALUES ***** PAYMENT PAYPAL SHIPPING $30 by registered airpost 173611884192 Neumann UM 57 Multi-Pattern Tube Condenser Microphone. They are designing some of the best sounding, most reliable tubes for guitar amplifiers in modern production. Replacement for Gefell RFT and Neumann tube microphones. Boxes are a bit brittle due to age and we have reinforced these with clear tape. I apologize, not noting that. KT-150 Tung Sol vacuum tube Test results and observations on this new tube offering. search for: ecc85 6n1 6aq8 rft germany nos boxed valve/tube McShane Design - Citation & Other Vintage Tube Gear Fine Vacuum Tubes & Vacuum Tube Parts/Kits Now - Pay By Credit Card or PayPal! See "How To Order" below! Need tubes? Scroll down for a huge list of new production, NOS, and great used tubes. It does not get better than these tubes. E88CC/6922, JJ, 2,100, 入荷. ef86 tesla in box tubes strong matched pair / 6267 . Just like the RFT ECC82 we have, these are some of the QUIETEST EF86 / 6267 we have ever heard. And have seen a fake quads of RFT EL34s more than a few times online and once in person. C. I ended up having to go with a NOS RFT to get one that really worked well. Казань 250. Which is perhaps not so relevant, as it's most used appplication was in TV tuners, where high dissipation was not needed. The Tesla EF806S was a close second, but the RFT won out. It has made a big difference. OPEN FOR BUSINESS - Music is a vital source of comfort, and it can help us get through these difficult and frustrating times. The Audo Catalog Pages are also focused on listners of all types of hi End Electron Tube Guitar amplifiers and Hi End Vacuum Tube audio amplifiers ARS Electronics Since 1947 - Audio Catalog Page. Title: EF86 Author: Philips (scanned by Frank Philipse) Created Date: Similar tubes from Telefunken Telefunken. Twin triodes like 12AX7, 12AU7, 12AT7, 12AY7, ECC81, ECC82, ECC83, ECC85, ECC88, enhanced types ECC802S, ECC803S, pentodes EF86, EF80 and others! Jul 07, 2016 · These designations are all equivalents. 68. The factory, date of manufacture and revision of a particular tube can be determined from a code that’s etched into the side of the glass envelope (the colour of the lettering, i. UPDATE: Due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak, the State of Illinois has ordered all non-essential business to close, through April 30th. I have a nice stock of NOS tubes to sell as single or matched pairs or quadsTubes are tested on Hickok TV-7D/U, B&K 550 and Precision Series 612. ef86 tesla tubes matched pair / 6267 test: ia=2. I am usually aware of structural differences but in those instances I must have missed it . Buy Ef86 Valve and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Great Savings Free Delivery / Collection on many items Mazda Foreign/RFT EF86 Valve/Tube New Buy Ef86 and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Great Savings Free Delivery / Collection on many items RFT EF86 Military Grade: 250 Tubes In Stock. #YourHashtag (unclaimed) I am sorry for not noting structural changes in RFT tubes of the same type, and even of possibly the same year of construction. 12AT7 is a dual triode often used as drivers. I sell all kinds of pre amplifies tubes like 5755, ECC83, ECC82, ECC81, 6N2P-EV, 6N1P-EV, EF86, 6922, ECC88, 6DJ8, 6N3P-EV and also 5670 or ECC84 and WE310A. シェアする ツイート!function(d,s,id){var 62,857円 追加: telefunken 7pin RFT用ケーブル:お取り寄せ. The ars catalog pages are for electron tube lovers world wide who repair and replace vacuum tubes and related parts for electron tube amplifiers. индивидуални или в кашон /според  . Only for repair and restoration of historical equipment. Your query returned too many records. 01 5 FP 1999. The choices I have are RFT $39. 即決2,480円. The Audo Catalog Pages are also focused on listners of all types of hi End Electron Tube Guitar amplifiers and Hi End Vacuum Tube audio amplifiers As a complement information, I would say that the only circumstance the Telefunken tube works better for me than the Golden Dragon is when I sing a slow paced song, go up an octave, mostly use the top of the mic, and then, also engage the low frequency cut off for everything below 160Hz. Quality Russian 6J32P tube Pentode. Even after 1965 not all Telefunken made tubes had the diamond bottom, the actual "Pressfuss" the glass pin bottom was made at "Osram" in Muenchen and sometimes when a production was exhausted "Schott Glas" in Mainz supplied the none diamond bottoms EF86 Telefunken W. new, unused and boxed. The Svetlana EF86 are know as 6J32P / 6zh32P/ EF86 / 6267. Mar 01, 2015 · In questo Siemens ELA 8110 sono state utilizzate delle EF86 Telefunken e delle ECC81 TAD. 1 pair) 6267=EF86 RFT East Germany by RFT NOS 1970's 1 tube) 3. These are amazing in microphones, guitar amps, and hi-fi equipment. 00 Buy Now; EF86-MAZDA RU Mazda These Mazda EF86 date from the early 1980’s and are of Russian origin as they are all have the distinctive pimple style In stock £18. 00. Přístroj je seřízen pro pásek Agfa CH. The RFT EF86 / 6267 is a durable tube with very low microphonics and noise floor. NOS prices are just stopid so took the Homer Simpson approach - if at first you don't succeed give up . Audio Asylum Trader. They are slightly darker sounding than many other EF86 tubes. The JJ Electronics tube datasheets in Flash HTML. Pentode Audio Tubes EF86 RFT 40,00 € More. Mazda Foreign/RFT EF86 Valve/Tube New Old Stock (V33) EUR 16. The June or July 2007 issue of ToneQuest Report had shootout comparing NOS and new EF86 tubes. What is inside? Visit EM84 RFT 4 pieces NEW ( 3-100% 1-90% brightness ) EM84 RFT 2 pieces USED ( 1-100% 1-80% brightness ) File comment: 6J32P (EF86\6267) all tested on plate current Siberian-shop 6J32P = EF86 = 6267 RUSSIAN TUBE Svetlana =C= plant 1980s [6J32P-1980s] - Quality Russian 6J32P ( 6zh32pi ) tubes. I like it a lot. New Search I have the EF86 channel in my DC30 clone and it sounds great, that's my go to channel on that amp. Add to Wishlist This is a suitable replacement for any RFT EF88 tube type. The heart of the Heritage hand wired series and the soul of the Vox sound is the classic EF86 channel. RFT Neuhausen made a short run of EF86 for Telefunken in 1986 but most of them were labeled AEG. Radio tubes are valves. 00-Many of my competitors are clueless on what differentiates an RFT from a Tesla-made EF86 tube. 3ma and 3. 00 * Details . e Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for MATCHED PAIR RV12P2000 RFT RWN NEUHAUS Pentode Tubes Neumann M14 CMV789 PV1 at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Oct 02, 2019 · Tesla Mono 50 AZK 405 elektronkový zesilovač vintage retro tube professional amplifier Röhrenverstärker Angelicaaudio Item No. 00 Buy Now RFT is a German brand. Featuring an all tube preamp and power amp, the 6505® MH authentically produces the much loved tones of the legendary Peavey 6505 in a small, portable package. skip to content. Brand by Svetlana. Far too many to list. Searches are limited to a maximum of 200 records. Peavey 6505 MH Tube Set consists of 3 x 12AX7 preamp tubes, and 2 x EL84 power tubes. Super low noise and microphonics. The Svetlana EF86 is Sep 29, 2013 · Out of sheer curiosity, and love for the EF86 as a preamp tube, I recorded a comparison between the JJ EF806S (modern EF86 from JJ) and an RFT EF86 (NOS). EF86 page sheet date 1 1 1970. Those seem to be RFT-made tubes: compare the large-holed “self-stapling” of the plates to the smaller holes of an xf3 or xf4 Mullard from Blackburn; also, the envelope is slimmer than a Mullard’s, fitting entirely within the base, with no flaring out above the base’s rim — plus, there’s no hole in the Внимание! Торги по данному товару уже завершены. Great sounding tube for Matchless, Bad Cat, Dr Z, Vox or any guitar amp application. 00 р. 入札-. Tube Boutique is an online dealer for PM Guitar Tubes. Add to cart. My favourites are still the Telefunken types and the large plate Philips and Siemens types from th Daniel Consales, Tube collection Consales, Germany, starts with EF86 from Common type Worldwide tube/semicond. RFT Messgerätewerk Zwönitz, 1956/57. Buying, Selling, Collecting on eBay has never been more exciting! New pair old stock Tesla 806S tubes. If you're trying out the EF86, my advice is to get a cheaper Svetlana or RFT and try it out first. ECC99, JJ, -, -. 01 shipping. New tubes were not used. Dario-Miniwatt EF86's…$65. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for RFT EF86- Vintage Tube at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Sep 05, 2012 · Rft ef86 rules!!! Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs' started by terrapin, Sep 5, 2012. EUR 6,89 spedizione. ef86 Telefunken. ef86 = 6267 = 6j32p 4. Page 2 of 3 < Prev 1 2 3 RFT was the clearly the winner from the beginning. The only NOS valve dealer with a real webstore. Very nice and robust EF86 tube type. These RFT ECC82 tubes were made in Germany during the 1960’s. SUPER STRONG Nos/Nib Ef86 - 6267 Tubes Philips - $396. NOS-EF86-RFT, Vacuum Tubes, RFT EF86 / 6267 Amperex EF86's…$65. A honlapon elhelyezett szöveges és képi anyagok, arculati és tartalmi elemek (pl. Provenienza: Regno Unito. Z amp forum I have a column in their Ask the Experts area. The EL34 is a thermionic valve or vacuum tube of the power pentode type. Here is a cool Webster Electric TP25-1 Mono Tube amplifier. There are several different versions of the 12AT7. RFT is a German brand. Mike - My Roccaforte amp loves the RFT ECC83, so i am back for more. Watson, a pioneer in the tube industry over the past 40 years. This website uses cookies, which are necessary for the technical operation of the website and are always set. Single Tube = $35. If you place an order for a heavy or bulky item over 8 pounds, you will see your shipping options at checkout. EF86 EF806s 6CF8 6267 Philips Miniwatt Holland Tested Strong HiFi Amp Preamp Vacuum Tube All of the tubes were tested on a calibrated Sencore TC-162 tester, one of the best for detecting Shorts and Leaksand also tubes were checked on a calibrated Britain AVO MARKIII tube tester,one of the best for emission Vintage RFT Microphone Transformer(5:1 for microphones using 6S31B. For reverb driver, we recommend smaller plate 12AT7 such as Electro-Harmonix 12AT7EH-WC. The NSW Government eTendering website lists upcoming, current and closed business opportunities that have been provided by agencies. Western Electric The Western Electric tube datasheets. Russian EF86. Shop with confidence. EM84 RFT 4 pieces NEW ( 3-100% 1-90% brightness ) EM84 RFT 2 pieces USED ( 1-100% 1-80% brightness ) File comment: 6J32P (EF86\6267) all tested on plate current ef86 siemens. Tube Depot ( great folks) says that a pair will produce 300 watts yet the max plate dissipation is spec'd at 70 watts. Offered is this nib national c 6267 ef86 vacuum tubes. a sure sign of high quality. Pair Svetlana EF86/6J32 (6267)Vacuum Tubes Made in RussiaNewSilver Mesh PlatesSaucer Getters Tested at 100%+ on a calibrated TV-7D/U tube tester All tubes are fully guaranteed for 30 days. Ps. New Old Stock white Box. $49. This site also provides details of awarded contracts over $150,000 in value. 99 +$15. Other cookies, which increase the comfort when using this website, are used for direct advertising or to facilitate interaction with other websites and social networks, are only set with your consent. Tube in stock at good price. 12AT7 / ECC81 Tubes. pdf (325248 bytes) EF86 La Radiotechnique p EF86. 5ma Gm=2600 Matched on Amplitrex Good Ma range 2. Within the last 25 years this collection has largely expanded with carefully selected quantities from number of other old collections, military establishments and goverment sources. We tried a NOS Tesla EF86, an NOS Tesla EF806S, a Winged C and anew production Tung Sol Ef806S. Let me know what you need. 95. 01 4 4 1970. Brand New MINT NOS 1969-1972 RFT E. These tubes came pre-tested and matched for Ia from our source in Europe. You may also like . Svetlana EF86 High-Performance Audio Small-Signal Pentode he Svetlana EF86 is a glass envelope miniature pentode intended for high-quality audio preamplifier service. We have found that the German made RFT EF86 / 6267 is one of the better sounding European EF86 / 6267 you can find. www. 17. 1 pair) RFT East Germany by RFT NOS 1 tube) 1 tube) Matched on Amplitrex Good Ma range Good Gm range Recommended for - Vox Dr. The stock volume of each individual tube changes from 25 pcs min up to 150 pcs. Test scores are written on the tubes and the tube boxes. ef86 rft tubes matched pair . 177350. There is so much variation in tube manufacturing that honestly I feel it’s easy for wrong descriptions to slip through and more than enough room to make it worth while for counterfeiting. ARS Electronics Since 1947 - Audio Catalog Page. cheap . 残り6日. OpCom The 1943, 1949 and 1959 Sylvania Tube 2 SIEMENS KLangfilm AlNiCo horn drivers speaker 6S ELA 2 vintage RFT VEB fullrange drivers speaker L2302 GDR ; in BEST condition, slow used! Made in EAST-GERMANY in 1968 , big potted magnets . Tube EL 86 or Röhre EL86 ID3409, Vacuum Pentode, Noval, B9A and Power/Output shown. EF86 Mazda-Belvu p EF86. We carry everything from NOS RCA 6L6GC black plates to JJ 12AX7s. 00 . 16. All are really microphonic even with the socket mounted on neoprene. Thanks! Mike, Thank you for recommending the NOS RFT 12AX7 to warm up my 65 Amps Empire. . %pt_plural% Archive %page% %sep% %sitename% 12AT7/ECC81 List . It is designed to give you the classic Vox sound by providing as close to the old Mullard tone as possible. 90 days warranty on tubes! MATCHED PAIR SVETLANA EF86/6J32 (6267) Vacuum Tubes, New, TV-7D tested 100%+ - $11. EF86 Tube for Neumann U67 RFT - East German Telefunken MSRP $75. 3ma Gm=2500 1 tube) 3. Best of the rest: Mullard CV4003 box plate That's it. Please see the picture for details. Valve is new, old stock (NOS) PAYMENT We accept PayPal payment in USA, Europe or any other country! In case you I can also get the German made RFT EF86 for $27. Register to access all of the benefits reserved to registered users or click on login if you are already registered. Радиолампа rft ef86 (советский аналог 6Ж32П) 300. We also offer low noise option to eliminate potential issues. 00 USD . Logos may vary from tube  Brand New MINT NOS NIB RFT E. シングルフランジ RFT ECL86 (6GW8), ¥ 3,416(税込) ¥3,105(税抜). These are genuine NOS tubes, they came in a military bulk pack and will be given generic white boxes as shown. 46 in stock. I haven't had much trouble with NOTE: There are 4 variations of the label. That is a guarantee for close matchings. 75 anywhere in USA. 7586 Tube for AKG C12A and Neumann  Радиолампа EF86 / ЕF86 / пентод аудио RFT. Find more of what you love on eBay stores! llczxjlpolsy's Library. The German Made RFT EF86 preamp tube will give you the best tone possible for your VOX, Matchless, DR Z or vintage amplifier. RFT ECL86 (6GW8) /MP (2本組), ¥6,831(税込) ¥6,210( 税抜) TELEFUNKEN EF86, ¥16,280(税込) ¥14,800(税抜)  Mesa Boogie Valves · Mullard Valves · National Union USA · New Old Stock Valves · NEC Valves · RCA Audio Valves · Psvane & Shuguang · RFT Valves · Siemens · Sovtek Valves · Svetlana Winged C Valves · Sylvania Valves · Tube Amp  RFT EF14 NOS. The Dario miniwatt EF86 is a good tube at a great price and will cost less than a Telefunken. Je n'ai trouvé que stquentin qui vende des EF86 actuelles, mais c'est pas clair si ce sont des sovtek ou des EH. The Dario item is identical In stock £36. (Best RFT Pair) 6267=EF86 RFT East Germany by RFT NOS 1970's (3. both ar Super premium EF86/6267 replacement based on the Telefunken EF806S. Because of its design, the EF86 is much more sensitive than other common preamp tubes like the 12AX7, and achieves more gain. ef86 cv2901 siemens nos valve/tube quantity. EF86 Preamp Tube Comparison: JJ vs RFT Post by JMPGuitars » Mon Sep 30, 2013 3:15 am Out of sheer curiosity, and love for the EF86 as a preamp tube, I recorded a comparison between the JJ EF806S (modern EF86 from JJ) and an RFT EF86 (NOS). PM was founded by Peter M. For use in the phase inverter position, we recommend the triode matched option. VB10-2079, Coaxial Connectors (RF), CONN BNC PLUG STR CRIMP Shop ORPHEUS 2005. 未使用 · ウォッチ · New!! ベルデン Belden 5000U1 - Security RFT EF86 NOS 真空管 (F- 1). RFT tubes store. Compare Remember. We are really impressed with these NOS labeled and boxed as Telefunken. Amounts shown in italicised text are for items listed in currency other than Euros and are approximate conversions to Euros based upon Bloomberg's conversion rates. Made by RWN Neuhaus, RFT. nr | nazwa europejska | producent ----- 1 | *12A6 | RCA 2 | *12AU7A | BRIMAR,AMPEREX Tube enthusiast: know your tube codes. 99. EL34, シーメンス, 21, 000, ペア. ef86 Disclaimer Submit a tube. The pin layout is the same and general specs are somehow similar, it is the same different EF86 to E80F, so just for audio equipment you can exchange it and will work in 9 out of ten cases. EF86 RFT Germany NOS NOS, can also  EF86 / 6267 / 6J32P / 6Zh32P RFT tube tubes store. Try limiting your search by using the Advanced Search Options below to select an author, a date range, a single forum or more specific search terms. 01 3 3 1970. $ 35. 1 X EF86 / 6CF8 / 6Æ32Ï / 6267 / 6BK8 / Z729 / 6F22 / CV2901 RFT-RWN TUBE 1970s. Found total of 200 records, Query: ef86 in Tubes Asylum, Time: 0 sec. bg Skype: ivailocvetkov The EF86 is a high gain pentode designed to amplify low-level audio signals. I remember I could buy TESLA KT88 for only 20€, right from the factory. See my other listings. Actually the RFT plate is so small, I doubt this tube can do maxiumum heat for a very long time. ) felhasználása, másolása, terjesztése, továbbítása - akár részben, vagy egészben - kizárólag a Jófogás előzetes, írásos beleegyezésével lehetséges. 00 + vat Incl. Logos may vary from tube pictured, but construction is the same. 00 Jul 08, 2016 · By Eric Barbour – Former Vacuum Tube Valley senior editor This article does not include more recent “Master Volume” and JCM models. The Winged C EF86 has a taller plate with mesh shield that is similar to what you find in vintage Amperex or Philips tubes. Introduced in the late 1950's, it is used as a preamp in audio equipment and instrument amplifiers. This gives them a little more gain and sometimes a little more noise. 00 Szerzői jogi védelem alatt álló oldal. Granted, the work was huge, but we tried four different EF86's while the work was in progress and the RFT was, by far, the best for quietness and tone. The Neumann/Gefell UM 57 was a large-diaphragm tube condenser microphone manufactured by the Neumann company of Gefell, Germany, currently known as Microtech-Gefell. All selected and tested on the Amplitrex AT1000. Produced in Germany, O-Getter Halo, Gray Shiny Nichelplate. For the most European tubes made after 1955 date codes are located on the bottom of a side wall of a tube (not always the case) The East German RFT ECC82 is a very small plate tube. EF86, 6Z1P, 6AK5, and more as well as FET microphones) This is a vintage German made RFT microphone transformer. It is typically used as a preamp in audio equipment and instrument amplifiers. DESCRIPTION EF86 vacuum tube by RFT-RWN factory. 5 лв Peavey 6505 MH Tube Set. Before the advent of semiconductor devices, thousands of tube types were used in consumer electronics. Equivalent to 6CF8, 6Æ32Ï, 6267, 6BK8, Z729, 6F22, CV290. In Stock Add to Wishlist 110,00 € In Stock RS1003/SRS551 2 Pieces in Stock Nov 23, 2010 · Over on the Dr. EF86/6267, EH, 2,900, ー. RFT EF86's…$45. betűtípusok, gombok, linkek, ikonok, szöveg, kép, grafika, logo stb. voltage amplifier, particularly in the early stages of high-gain audio amplifiers, microphone pre-amplifiers and magnetic tape recorders. Данный товар выставлен на повторную продажу: Радиолампа rft ef80 (советский аналог 6Ж4П, 6Ж5П) nos. Free shipping is limited to the contiguous 48 states. (!!!!) (Recommended Pair) EF86 Telefunken Germany <> bottom gray shield 1970 NOS in white boxes (2. 6J32P tube is a low noise pentode equivalent to EF86 and 6267. Description. com offers a warranty. 88. These are excellent sounding and reliable tubes. Z guitar amps. I've had great experience with the Winged C and RFT (both from thetubestore. EF86 Svetlana Russian Pentode Valve Tubes Be the first to review this product £10. German EF86 tubes. It was first shown at the 1953 Radio Show and first used in their 5-10 amplifier from 1954. Jun 29, 2007 · One of the EF86's I have *IS* one of the new JJ806S's. 箱: 白箱. llczxjlpolsy's Recent Uploads. Svetlana The Svetlana PM components site. EF86 RFT Germany NOS NOS, can also be labled TESLA Aug 25, 2015 · The RFT and Tesla tubes have taller plate structures and mica spacers that come through the wall of the plate. 08. Produced in East Germany, O-Getter Halo, Holes in Plate 17mm Matte Grayplate Title: EF86 6CF8 Author: Mazda Belvu Subject: SM-FP-2003-04-12 Created Date: 1/24/2000 11:35:55 AM 6267=EF86 Telefunken West Germany (very clear, accurate, detailed, long life EF86 with very low noise) The Neumann U67 Tube Microphone and VOX AC15 Amp is just one application for these tubes. Pour ces lampes, si j'ai bien compris, la qualité est primordiale pour pouvoir composer avec leur problemes de microphonie, il a des bonnes et des mauvaises, de connaitre la marque est donc très important. (! Out of sheer curiosity, and love for the EF86 as a preamp tube, I recorded a comparison between the JJ EF806S (modern EF86 from JJ) and an RFT EF86 ( NOS). Pete Millet Peter Millett's online tube data. 7 . Checkout. 10x RFT EF800 / EF80 / 6BX6 RFT WF (NEW, NOS, GOLD PINS, MATCHED DATE) GERMANY. ecc85 6n1 6aq8 rft germany nos boxed valve/tube ef86 6267 6j32p ef806s tesla tube 2 pcs look . PM Tubes. EZ81 RFT Bulk White Logo Tubes EZ81 RFT, rectifier tube for preamps and amplifiers Noval socket, full wave rectifier tube, very suitable for small amplifiers and preamps, because of its small size and high power raitings. RFT 12AU7. The first preamp tube (or the first 2 tubes, in 2 channel amps) provide the first gain of the guitar signal. ( Brand: INTERNATIONAL C ), ( model : 6267/EF86 ) Review Nib International 6267 Ef86 Vacuum Tubes. A superb EF86 that is even better since they were aftermarket screened for use in Hammond Organs where low noise was critical. pdf (91030 bytes) (fr) EF86 Svetlana p EF86. F. ef86 rft tubes matched pair in box . 1 x EF86 / 6CF8 / 6Æ32Ï / 6267 / 6BK8 / Z729 / 6F22 / CV2901 RFT-RWN TUBE 1970s. Part Number: SEF86-RFT. A. These tubes are some of the best sounding tubes you can get. Matching is $10 extra per tube. Yesterday I was in one of the other areas and came across a post on the Doc's new Z Wreck amp. EF86's can be had for a decent price, just buy 2 in case one is cranky. SOLD. Use keywords to find the product you are looking for EF86 VOLTAGE AMPLIFYING PENTODE Low noise pentode intended for use as R. Yes, there are strong similarities in their construct, but there are also meaningful differences that contribute to the RFT EF86's superior performance. I have stocks of many RFT Smaragd BG20. The EF86 is a high gain pentode designed to amplify low-level audio signals. It has an international octal base (indicated by the '3' in the part number) and is found mainly in the final output stages of audio amplification circuits and was designed to be suitable as a series regulator by virtue of its high permissible voltage between heater and cathode and other parameters. virtuÁlnÍ muzeum kvt-elektronika elektronky philips, telefunken, mars, tesla, rft. As if anyone actually cares about my thinking on those RFT tubes. coupled A. EF86/6267, 松下, 8,400, ー. 0ma) 1-3% matched. A lot of questions have been asked about when a tube is made, so here you go, a quick guide on how to decipher the date codes. 88 A fake pair of Phillips EF86. $ 59. (!!!) (#1 EF86 Best Value)  Luxman SQ-38FDのプリ部真空管(ECC83)のマッチングを取ってみたが、今まで通り のMULLAD LONG PLATEとRFTで落ち着いている。 我が家の愛機QUADIIのEF86 は、2年ほど前からMullard製のブラックバーン工場製造のものを使用している。 Results 1 - 48 of 253 Buy Ef86 Valve and get the best deals ✅ at the lowest prices ✅ on eBay! Great Savings Matched Pair EF86 Z729 mesh plate Svetlana " C " NOS Valve Tubes Mazda Foreign/RFT EF86 Valve/Tube New Old Stock (V33). NOS-EF86-RFT offered from PCB Electronics Supply Chain shipps same day. The mic used the Gefell company’s famous M7 capsule. [ 正規輸入代理店扱品 ] Telefunken 7pin cable telefunken EF86 ロゴ無し NOS. Valve Tube Mic Preamplifier 48v Sowter Carnhill Transformers EF86 ECC88 0 results. These have very good microphonic performance but "Lowest Microphonics" version is recommended for combo amps. シェアする ツイート!function(d,s,id){var 10,266円 ECC813, RFT, ー. Dec 16, 2008 · The only pentode preamp tube seen with any regularity in amps today is the EF86 (or 6267), which appeared in early Vox amps and has more recently been used in models from Matchless, Dr Z, 65amps, and a few others. Home Please see below for the items in stock. These are low noise high performance EF86. Beautiful vintage German made RFT EF86 / 6267 tubes. 00 USD EF14 Tube for Early Peluso 22 47 LE and Neumann U47 Telefunken MSRP $500. New Old Stock tubes, not tested for RoHS compliance. Rod ~ World Tube Company Mullard The Mullard 12AX7 / ECC83 is a Very Smooth Sounding tube. I don't really care about the lowest priced tube. Brand New 1969-1973 Production MINT NOS NIB RFT E. Gray plates, large top O getters. Tested and matched on Dynamic Mutual Conductance Tester Hickok 752, just recently calibrated and modified by Hickok expert to all Solid State to eliminate drift. made in germany. 即決2,180円. RFT ECC82 is well available for not too high prices. EI-RC Some of the EI tube datasheets in HTML. All tubes new in individual box. There are some rare and many common. Mar 18, 2016 · Tubes Details Created: 03 February 2006 ECC82 RFT ECC83 JJ ECC83 Mazda ECC83 RFT ECC832 JJ ECC88 Philips ECC99 JJ EF86 Philips EF86 Philips EF86 Mazda ef86 ussr (russian) boxed and branded by tronal cheese grater grid new and unused. com) and have used the the Tesla ef86 as well. Brent Jesse is a nice guy and if the tube you buy is microphonic, he will refund you or exchange it. Probabile che in origine fossero tutte valvole di produzione Siemens. Mullard EF80 from Langrex is very cheap and sounds splendid except you'd have to get different adapters. 00 : 7586 Tube for AKG To obtain this RFT/EOI and any FUTURE related Amendments that may be issued, you must download to your own computer all the files provided (including from time to time any Amendments), by clicking on the DOWNLOAD A SOFT COPY link at the bottom of this page and follow the on-screen instructions. Ships for $3. It is so funny to see how the old story repeats over and over again. The others are EH and RFT - haven't had any NOS or pulls. Find great deals on eBay for ef86 and e80f. Wow sounds killer really warmed the amp up yet kept the clarity. RFT EF86 quantity. Mike, I just put it V1 of my 51 5150 50 watt head. By RFT. 生産国: ドイツ. Unbeatable prices on thousands of guaranteed vacuum tubes for sale, vintage NOS hi-fi audio tubes, radio tubes, ham and industrial ready to ship. The EF86 is the standard early stage audio pre-amplifier valve. I would not put one in a combo because of vibration issues. Well, these days are gone. ef91 / 6am6 / philips pentode tube in box Our vacuum tube stock originates from a small radio service company founded in 1949. Vox AC15 Heritage Retro Dario EF86 full upgrade kit covers the AC15 1TV and AC15 HTH Head. audiotubes. (NOS) RFT ECC82/12AU7 真空管 1本 (J-1). German EF86 tubes with Tungsram Label. pdf (2648423 bytes) (cs) EF860 RFT p Similar tubes from RFT or Telefunken RFT. ULTRON EL34, NOS, NIB this auction is for a ULTRON EL34 NOS NIB the tubes're tested at 95ma in my METRIX U61C tubes analyser 100ma is the nominal for the EL34 Also tested at 48 in my TV7 tube tester 3 EF86 EF806S 6CF8 6267 Philips Miniwatt Holland Tested Strong HiFi Vacuum Tube - $58. I haven't had much trouble with microphonics, but I did actually  Part Number: SEF86-RFT; Packaging Size: 5x8x12 cm. $ 298. RFT Smaragd (Germany, 1957)Tubes: EF86 ECC81 EL84 EM11 German Museum of Technology, Berlin. Dvoustopý magnetofon osazený elektronkami EF86, ECC81, EL84, EM11, pro napájení ze střídavé sítě. Z Vox head (install all Mullard tubes)- Eastern Electric Matchless Bottlehead. Their commitment to quality and exc RFT is a German brand. Details Add to cart. el34 / kt77 / 6ca7 Popular in high powered audio and high end guitar amplifiers, characterized by greater distortion at a lower power compared to other power tubes. RFT EF86. This exhibit was made by Mullard who designed the EF86. The Telefunken ECC83 / 12AX7 was made with both Rib Plates and Smooth Plates. 2 thoughts on “ EL34 Siemens 6CA7 by RFT ” Valvicus July 8, 2016 at 1:19 am. EF86 RFT Germany NOS NOS, can also be labled TESLA From €29. Neumann U47, U48 and U67 microphones were originally used by the Beatles' for their 1960's concerts and recording sessions. Make Offer - EF86 RFT vintage tube NEW NOS. It sounds great and is especially good for guitar amps because of its rugged construction. VB10-2079 offered from PCB Electronics Supply Chain shipps same day. This is a suitable replacement for any RFT EF88 tube type. Tubes come in 15 piece boxes with C. Gold pins. EF86-DARIO PHILIPS Philips The Dario Miniwatt EF866 were made in Holland and Dario was a trade name used by Philips. Description Reviews 0. Hello Skansen, the russian 6N1P is a different tube than the 6922 or better 6DJ8. rft ef86

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